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Al Bayt Al Arabi Language Program is a creative and interactive approach to language learning. Our classes are tailored for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. Each student will be challenged to think and speak in Arabic as they learn the Arabic language and Arab culture. 


The teaching staff is native Arabic speakers coming from Syria, Saudi Arabia,  and  Tunisia.  They will provide the alphabet basics,  foundational grammar principles, and pronunciation guidance for beginners. Intermediate and advanced students will increase their vocabulary and conversation skills through contextual dialogue sessions such as learning how to give a news interview, how to ask questions, and how to give one’s opinion in culturally appropriate ways.  They will also engage in faster-paced dialogue sessions that focus on listening, thinking, and speaking in Arabic and recognizing and communicating using different dialects.

Our goal is to foster a natural verbal interaction where students can appreciate the Arabic language and culture and achieve fluency in the most efficient manner.

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Bridging Cultural Gaps

Our vision is to help students achieve their goals in the acquisition of the Arabic language to meet their linguistic needs to the highest degree. The vision is threefold: to acquire the language quickly, effectively and enjoyably.

Cultural Bridge
Cultural Bridge
Cultural Bridge
Cultural Bridge
Cultural Bridge
Cultural Bridge
Cultural Bridge
Sidi Bou Said Sea View

Our Foundation 



We teach grammatical and linguistic concepts by centering them on examples reflecting political, economic, social and religious aspects of our daily life  



All of the elements in a lesson ensure the students' acquisition of the essential  skills in language learning:

Reading - Writing

Listening - Speaking


Step by Step 

Our approach starts from simple concepts to build an understanding of more intricate notions throughout the different skills of language learning 

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Both the student and the instructors play the roles of the teacher and the learner in the class. This boosts the students' communication skills and gives them a sense of ownership in their language development 



Regular assessment is essential to measure students' progress and language proficiency 

Arabian Blocks

Our Goal and Objectives 

Our main goal throughout all our courses is for each student to acquire the language effectively, quickly, and enjoyably! Our specific goal in Al Bayt Al Arabi Program is to provide an immersion experience for students. We also desire to increase each student’s speaking and thinking ability and to deepen their appreciation and understanding for the Arabic language and culture. We believe communication is essential in understanding and language is the foundation for communication. We do so by:



1. Providing excellent educational service


2. Enriching the field of teaching Arabic with a myriad of brilliant curricula and educational materials.


3. Developing linguistic and communicative efficiency.


4. Providing authentic situations for students to develop their language proficiency in a well-rounded manner.


5. Equipping students with relevant communicative skills in academic, business and social contexts.


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