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Proficiency Levels

No Proficiency - Memorized Proficiency (0-0+)

No practical ability to read, write or understand Arabic - Sufficient assimilation of some main ideas. 


Knowledge in Area: 

  • Economic/Political: Name of leaders, price lists...

  • Scientific/Technological: give the weather report, telling time...

  • Cultural/Social: Family relationships, Religious holidays

  • Geography: Basic terms (ocean, city, lake...) 

Elementary Proficiency - Elementary Proficiency, Plus (1- 1+)

Sufficient comprehension for basic survival needs and travel requirements with familiar topics making simple face to face conversation. 

Knowledge in Area: 

  • Economic/Political: basic travel and tourism, basic banking transactions, talk about current news/ answer opinion questions.

  • Scientific/Technological: making doctor's appointments, car problems, everyday technology...

  • Cultural/Social: Talk about self, family, education, first work, typical work day/routine, Sports and Entertainment, Religious holidays...

  • Geography: Spatial orientation/give directions, describe city/ school/ trips, 

  • Grammar: correct use of past, present and future tenses / ask questions 

Limited Working Proficiency - Limited Working Proficiency, Plus (2-2+)

Sufficient comprehension to carry routine social demands and job requirements. Ability to conversate with a native speaker with few repetition or rewording about everyday topics, well-known current events, and routine matters.


Examples of knowledge in Area: 

  • Economic/Political: Financial issues (budget, inflation, taxes...), economic growth and employment, Political systems and elections 

  • Scientific/Technological: Medical research, inventions, and discoveries, new treatments, etc.

  • Cultural/Social: Talk about family issues (marriage, divorce) Women's rights, educational issues, customs, and traditions, Talk about Media issues such as freedom of press 

  • Geography: Talk about water issues natural disasters, Pollution, and environmental issues, talk about historical cities 

General Professional Proficiency - General Professional Proficiency, Plus (3-3+)

Able to comprehend most content and purpose of varied forms of speech including technical conversation within a specific field. effective and normal speed face-to-face communication in specific themes to support an opinion and give explanations. 

Examples of knowledge in Area: 

  • Economic/Political: Economical/Political analysis, talk about political strategies and reforms, talk about development or growth issues, etc.

  • Scientific/Technological: discuss scientific theories/ impact of scientific discoveries on families or society, etc.

  • Cultural/Social: Discuss societal issues such as discrimination, drugs & violence, Freedom of speech, Give a commentary on books, movies or artwork. 

  • Geography: Give opinion about environmental issues 


Advanced Professional Proficiency - Advanced Professional Proficiency, Plus (4-4+)

Able to comprehend and use all forms and styles of Arabic language pertinent to professional needs. Use/understand extensive and precise vocabulary in any subject relevant to professional and social conversations. Use of effective persuasion, description, negotiation to different audiences. 

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