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Proficiency Levels

Welcome to our Proficiency Levels, your guide to mastering Arabic. From "No Proficiency" to "Advanced Professional Proficiency," track your language journey and set your goals. Explore the spectrum of skills, tailor your learning, and climb to fluency.



No Proficiency - Memorized Proficiency

No practical ability to read, write or understand Arabic - Sufficient assimilation of some main ideas. 


Knowledge in Area: 

  • Economic/Political: Name of leaders, price lists...

  • Scientific/Technological: give the weather report, telling time...

  • Cultural/Social: Family relationships, Religious holidays

  • Geography: Basic terms (ocean, city, lake...) 


Elementary Proficiency 

No practical ability to read, write, or understand Arabic - Sufficient assimilation of some main ideas. Sufficient comprehension of basic survival needs and travel requirements with familiar topics making simple face-to-face conversation. 


Knowledge in Area: 

  • Economic/Political: basic travel and tourism, basic banking transactions, talk about current news/ answer opinion questions.

  • Scientific/Technological: making doctor's appointments, car problems, everyday technology...

  • Cultural/Social: Talk about self, family, education, first work, typical work day/routine, Sports and Entertainment, Religious holidays...

  • Geography: Spatial orientation/give directions, describe city/ school/ trips, 

  • Grammar: correct use of past, present, and future tenses / ask questions 



1544877422188 (1).jpg

Limited Working Proficiency

Sufficient comprehension to carry routine social demands and job requirements. Ability to conversate with a native speaker with few repetitions or rewording about everyday topics, well-known current events, and routine matters.

Knowledge in Area: 

  • Economic/Political: Financial issues (budget, inflation, taxes...), economic growth and employment, Political systems and elections 

  • Scientific/Technological: Medical research, inventions, and discoveries, new treatments, etc.

  • Cultural/Social: Talk about family issues (marriage, divorce) Women's rights, educational issues, customs, and traditions, Talk about Media issues such as freedom of the press 

  • Geography: Talk about water issues natural disasters, Pollution, and environmental issues, talk about historical cities 


General Professional Proficiency 

Able to comprehend most content and purpose of varied forms of speech including technical conversation within a specific field. effective and normal speed face-to-face communication in specific themes to support an opinion and give explanations. 


Knowledge in Area: 

  • Economic/Political: Economical/Political analysis, talk about political strategies and reforms, talk about development or growth issues, etc.

  • Scientific/Technological: discuss scientific theories/ impact of scientific discoveries on families or society, etc.

  • Cultural/Social: Discuss societal issues such as discrimination, drugs & and violence, and Freedom of speech, Give a commentary on books, movies, or artwork. 

  • Geography: Give opinion about environmental issues 




Advanced Professional Proficiency 

Able to comprehend and use all forms and styles of Arabic language pertinent to professional needs. Use/understand extensive and precise vocabulary in any subject relevant to professional and social conversations. Use of effective persuasion, description, negotiation to different audiences. 

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