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Speciality Courses

Al Bayt Al Arabi provides specialized courses tailored to meet our students' individual needs and interests, covering a wide range of topics relevant to their professional aspirations. Our expertise extends to helping students excel in various language proficiency tests, including the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR), Language Army Preparation Test (APT), and Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT). Explore our Arabic Language Programs:


Arabic Media I

This Course is designed to provide students with the skills and vocabulary required for understanding the language of newspapers, magazines, television and internet news. A range of topics is covered including political, economic, historical and social issues in the contemporary Arab World, with a focus on critical analysis. This award-winning curriculum is taught by international media expert who coaches participants in the proper ways of performing during media interviews 

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Arabic in Business and Professional Life

This course is intended for intermediate level students who wish to further their understanding of critical grammatical concepts while specializing in business communication, business writing and master the Arabic business world. The course covers business vocabulary, topical lectures, cross-cultural studies, and company analysis. This course will prepare students to operate in business settings in Arabic by stimulating work tasks such as business meetings, presentations, and lectures. 


Arabic Media II

This course offers the students techniques used by diplomatic institutions to successfully respond to interview questions in order to prepare for and deliver a mock interview, which will be filmed and presented to students at the end of the course for inclusion in their language learning portfolio. Students will improve listening and reading comprehension skills by working with current media topics 

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Arabic for Economic Studies

This course prepares our students to work in the financial sector in the Arab World by drawing its material from a variety of sources related to economics, banking, accounting, and finance. Our students will discover principles and practices of contemporary Islamic banking and financial institutions, corporate financing, and business management in the Arab World. 


Arabic for Diplomatic Purposes

This course aims to prepare the students for work in the Diplomatic Corps by teaching them the diplomatic glossary and acquire idioms and expressions, useful in the field. Students will gain competence in the Arabic language with the aim of explaining governments policy and values to a foreign audience while gaining a deeper ability to understand and decipher the perspectives and cultures of the countries in the Arab world. Students will learn about possible foreign perceptions and how to vengeance communication through in-depth cultural awareness 


Arabic for Islamic Studies

This course is designed for students who wish to study Islamic religion, history, and traditions.

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